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Hoses for Hydraulic & Industrial Applications
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Primo™ is a global brand for hydraulic and industrial hoses. Armed with a wealth of experience and knowledge of fluid conveyance industry-standard, materials, and practices, Primo™ has consolidated this experience to offer a wide range of products for the construction, heavy equipment, agricultural, food, transportation, marine, oil and gas industries. Primo™ products are manufactured employing advanced European technology and equipment. All products are inspected, tested and undergo stringent quality control, ensuring compliance with international standards.
Primo™ products include a complete range of hydraulic hoses, industrial hoses for the conveyance of air, water and oil, and hoses for pneumatic applications. Primo™ products are engineered to standards which meet optimal functional requirements whilst offering the most cost-effective solution to customers. Never stop. Keep your wheels turning. Get work done with Primo™!

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