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Hydraulic Hoses
Hose ID.png

Hose Inner Diameter (ID)

Measured in 16/1 inch increments identified by use of a “dash”(-) numbering system. i.e., = "4/1 = "16/4

Hose OD.png

Hose Outer Diameter (OD)

A critical measurement when considering hose clamps and applications where envelope size is

Hose Reinforcement OD.png

Outer Diameter

The reinforcement material is the
“Muscle/Strength” to resist internal or
external pressures. The three basic
types of reinforcement are Spiral,
Braid and Helical.

Working Pressure.png

Hose Working Pressure

Should have a working pressure rating
meeting or exceeding the maximum
operating pressure of the system.

Burst Pressure.png

Hose Burst Pressure

The Burst Pressure for a hydraulic
hose is that the maximum pressure
before a particular hose will generally
explode or have a rupture in it.

Wall Thickness.png

Wall Thickness

Measured in millimeters (mm)

Bending Radius.png

Bending Radius

Is the smallest arc that the hose can be
bent before its life is greatly reduced.
Exceeding the bend radius can cause
kinking, inner tube washout and
excessive stress on reinforcement

Vacuum Rating.png

Vacuum Rating

Measured in PSI and Bar
1 Bar=14.5PSI

Theoretical weight.png

Theoretical Weight

Provided by the foot for instances
where it is a critical parameter in the
design of the system.

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